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EDMC Contact Center Call Compliance

Background #

A high-profile compliance project at an educational institution mandated that recordings of outbound calls placed by admissions reps to students must be sent to a third-party vendor for speech analytics to identify possible regulatory violations.

Project Requirements #

  • Compliance guidelines dictated that admissions calls over two minutes in length are in scope.

  • Third-party vendor required that each audio file be accompanied by XML file containing call metadata (phone numbers, employee ID, etc).

  • Files had to be delivered to a secure storage location accessible by their cloud workflows.

  • Calls had to be analyzed within 24 hours of being placed.

Solution #

Designed and developed software automation solution in Perl that processes over 10,000 calls daily.

Analysis Engine #

Applied business logic rules to filter out calls that were not subject to analytics.

Metadata Engine #

Retrieved call metadata from Microsoft SQL Server database and generated XML file per third-party vendor specifications.

Delivery Engine #

Uploaded call recordings from Genesys API along with generated metadata to Amazon S3 bucket which the vendor had access to.